The Training Bands are part of the Heath Band Family and are run by members of the Band. We have
developed a training programme which allows progress for all our players whether they join as
beginners, having been learning to play a brass instrument at school or elsewhere, transferring from
another instrument or returning to playing after time out. Training Band learners then have an
opportunity to graduate to the Heath Band once they can play and read the music well enough to be
able to join in. This is a fun way of learning to play a musical instrument in a friendly, relaxed setting.
It is also great experience for people starting to learn at school or elsewhere, who don’t already play
in a band.

The Training Band has two sections:

  1. Barn Brass; a group for complete beginners learning to play and read the first few notes and
    enables players to develop the ability to play easy pieces as part of a band.
  2. Brass and Furious; for more experienced players. This group plays a wider range of music
    and performs alongside the Heath Band at some concerts and events.

Who Can Join

Both sections are open to children (from about eight upwards) and adults of all ages. No previous
experience is necessary for Barn Brass and Brass and Furious welcomes any more experienced
players who are not yet ready for Heath Band. Membership and instrument-loan are free for the first term.

Session Times and Venue

We meet on Wednesday evenings from 6.40-7.45 at Heath Barn during school term times.

  • The Barn Brass session is from 6.40-7.05pm. As players become more experienced they stay for part of Brass and Furious.
  • Brass and Furious meets from 7.05-7.45, and some of the more experienced members stay for the first part of the Heath Band practice (until 8.45pm).

Both sessions are conducted by an experienced music teacher and all tuition is provided by members of Heath Band.


Training band members are issued with an instrument; people often start on the cornet and either
continue with that or move onto an instrument of their choice. Except for trombone, they all work
in the same way, so changing instrument is straightforward.
The instruments and music belong to the Heath Band and are on loan to members and must be kept
in good order – members are also given tuition in how to care for the instruments.


We give an informal concert for friends and family every term, with parts for everyone – including
complete beginners. The Training Band also joins in with some of the Heath Band events.

Safeguarding Policy

Our safeguarding policy can be viewed here

How to Join

The Training Band is run by Kath Mowbray with regular help from other Heath Band members.
If you’d like more information, please contact the Training Band co-ordinator, Kath Mowbray – ring or text 07981752162
You would be welcome to come and observe a session and try an instrument.

Our Players are:

Solo Cornet Peter*
Solo / Repiano Cornet Jack*
Cornet 2 Josh*
Cornet 2 Ella*
Cornet 3 Marissa
Cornet 3 Joe
Cornet 3 Jude
Cornet Parent Helper Steve
Barn Brass Cornets Corban, Katie
Flugelhorn Anna*
Solo Horn Alice*
2nd Horn Skye
Barn Brass Horn Lamorna
1st Baritone Rebekah*
1st Baritone Amy*
2nd Baritone Theresa
Barn Brass Baritone Michelle
Baritone Parent Helper Elaine
Solo Trombone Charlotte*
2nd Trombone Andy*
2nd Trombone Zac
Bb Bass Sam*
Main Band Tutors Alison, Huw, Kath, Kathryn, Dave, Greg, Justin

* denotes also a member of Heath Band

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